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Memo’s Mexican Cuisine, Concord CA *revisited*

Zach’s high school class representatives haven’t done anything about a reunion yet, and the 5 and 10 year marks have already passed.  He thought it would be fun to plan a very casual, very informal barbecue for this summer, just as a way to reconnect before we start planning for the big 15.  Tonight we met with four of Zach’s classmates to begin initial planning, and we suggested to them that we meet at Memo’s (which we’ve reviewed before), hoping we could turn on some more people to this restaurant off the beaten path.

memo's burrito especial with pork

memo’s burrito especial with pork

Zach got this big burrito especial style, as did two others at the table, although they got beef and vegetarian while he ordered pork.  No matter what you order, you can count on your meal being fresh and satisfying.  His burrito had tender and flavorful pork, and the mole had “so much flavor, you’re wondering how many spices are in there.”  One thing he noted, though, was that the mole tonight wasn’t quite the same as the mole we had our first time, so we postulated that due to the nature of real ingredients, there is bound to be some variance without genetically-modified “perfect” ingredients.

tacos al pastor

tacos al pastor

August likes al pastor pork, so she got these tacos to try how Memo’s does it.  The spices, there are so many, but it’s not a spicy dish – intense flavor, but no heat.  Most impressive is the fact that the only thing on this plate not made from scratch is the queso fresco.

There is plenty of room for big groups here at Memo’s, even though from the outside it looks like a small space.  If you have a need to make reservations for a large party, consider calling Memo’s.