Infused Salts

In November 2014, we began making our own infused and fusion salts. We share them with the public via family and friends, and if they test well, we would like to expand to start selling our salts. You are likely on this page because you received a jar and want to know what to do with it! Explore the listings below and each recipe will open in a new tab, or browse the whole site at your leisure.

Ghost Pepper Salt – a little goes a long way so add to taste to the following suggested recipes

Madeira Salt (limited run made with V. Sattui Madeira Wine) – for a lightly sweet and aromatic hint

Rosemary Garlic Salt – this salt should be used in the cooking process particularly on meats for full flavor potential, not sprinkled at the table

Tequila Lime Salt (limited run made with Jose Cuervo tequila) – ideal for alcoholic beverages like rimming a margarita class or adding a pinch to a michelada, but there are a few dishes this salt works with, particularly Mexican food


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