Seasoning And Salt was started by August and Zach, a teacher and a chef. August grew up with a broad palate – her first solid food was avocado, and her first meat was liver.  Throughout her life she has enjoyed many products across the world that many would never approach, like rattlesnake wine, fried alligator, and squid in a stew of its own ink.

Zach learned early on from both his grandmothers the wonders of food.  He would study them in their kitchens, even before he could walk.  At twelve years old he started working in the restaurant business, climbing up the ladder from bus boy to prep cook before entering high school.  Pizza joints, a taqueria, a retirement home, a steakhouse, fine Italian dining, a catering company – he got lots of experience in lots of places, and that was before attending the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco where he studied to be a pastry chef.  This education brought him to Las Vegas where he secured a position at the Palms Casino and Resort.  Though his technical education is in baking, his expertise covers all cuisines, so after working under others for enough years he started his own catering company.  It was only at the beginning of 2013 that we learned he is a supertaster, which explains how he is able to pinpoint through taste a meal’s ingredients, preparation, and origin.

Having such high standards, it’s become increasingly difficult to find other businesses with the same demand for quality and detail that Zach has.  Online forums for restaurant reviews don’t provide enough information since they’re full of pure opinions, very few product and equipment reviews are unbiased, and there are literally millions of untested recipes on the Web.  After years of disappointing food experiences in the face of constantly striving for excellence in his own business, Zach and August realized they had the combined ability to start something new.  With Zach’s infallible gastronomic knowledge and August’s knack for writing, Seasoning And Salt is our effort to provide you, the reader, with the most powerful arsenal of food-based awareness of products, recipes, restaurants, and events so that you may enjoy food as much as we do.

*note from the author, August – as of October 2015, Seasoning And Salt is managed exclusively by Zach. All content before October 2015 was created through the combined efforts of August and Zach.

  1. Eagerly awaiting further enlightenment!!! Go, guys!!!

  2. Thanks for The Peasant & The Pear write up!!!
    Rodney Worth The Chef

  3. Thank you very much for writing so many interesting entries about cuisine. Your wonderful entries make a little happiness for me every day ^^

  4. Love your blog! 🙂

  5. Always great tips and interesting facts, thanks for sharing!

  6. Always great tips and recommendations and love the fun food facts, Great stuff guys!

  7. I am from Mongolia, I will be in California in the mid of September, it would be awful if I will have a chance to see you guys, Zach and August before starting my new business branch in Mongolia

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