Founded by a chef and a teacher, Seasoning And Salt strives to educate, inform, and enrich the lives of others through food. Always trying new restaurants, testing recipes, sampling products and equipment, highlighting specialty brews, sharing about our food-related travel experiences, and publicizing various food events and festivals, we encourage enlightening the minds and enriching the palates of our readers.

We have so many ideas of all the things we want to share with you, but you might have some good ideas, too.  If you’d like us to review a product or recipe from a cookbook or magazine, let us know and we will do our best!  Similarly, if there is a restaurant you’d like us to try, no matter how far away it is, we will put it on our list of places to go.  Not all products are available in our area, so please keep that in mind that we may not be able to answer every query, but we will always try our best.

Every photo throughout this site is taken by one of Seasoning And Salt’s contributors, just as every word is penned originally for each article.  Honesty and integrity are part of our foundation, and that includes using only our own material.  If you ever have any questions, reach out and we will respond.

In some recipes, we provide links to Amazon for convenient shopping.  A small percentage of your purchases made by following these links helps to support this blog.

We are open to travel writing, sponsorship, partnership, advertising, and public speaking.  If you are a restaurant, brewery, bakery, grocery, kitchen supply, or even travel destination where the food scene is vibrant, please contact us so we can discuss opportunities for working together.

  1. Hi to the new tenants. Found and read through some of your blog. Can’t decide if I would rather have the Voodoo doughnuts or the ale!! See you soon. Karl

  2. Thank you for stopping by and for liking my post. I do appreciate!

  3. is there a way to reach you? wanted to find out about using this image in Dr Oz magazine. thx
    https://seasoningandsalt.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/ca-state-fair-022.jpg reach me at paula at paula trotto dot com

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