Samuel Adams New World

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

Lots o' new 111

It’s been some time since we’ve posted. Life gets in the way, you know? We’ve not been inactive, however, having stayed current on Twitter and such, but it was high time we update our blog with something new for our readers. It can take sometimes up to six hours to research and write one of these articles, so it’s nice to slip into something a little more comfortable, like a beer, as we ease into refreshing our blog with monthly posts at minimum.

Strolling down the aisles at Costco, you’d be surprised at the unique finds. Don’t hate, it’s a great store. Each one carries its own special stock of things, as we learned recently that our favorite vegetable juice is available at the Costco over 15 miles away, not the one just down the road from us. But I digress. Walking through our Costco today, Zach spotted a trio from Samuel Adams’ Barrel Room Collection, aged in oak barrels once used for making Italian brandy. These are special craft beers, not something you’d find at your local grocer, so it was all the more of a surprise to see this selection at Costco. I like a sense of order, so I’ll be writing about the trio alphabetically.

The New World is a substantial yet subtle tripel at 10% ABV and 17 IBU. The impact is strong on the noggin, but the taste is smooth and only a little sweet, the same sweetness as a Basque sidra. Its description reads “spices and tropical fruits” so I was expecting something a little rummy, and thank god it’s not because I don’t like rum. It’s like a strong pale ale with minerals and a natural fruitiness. I’m sipping it solo so as to enjoy its pure essence, but in all honesty this is something that you would want to pair with a meal. Being that it is light in flavor, this would go very well with grilled chicken or fish of any kind. The caramelization of meat would bring out the deeper notes of the brew.

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