Blair’s 3 A.M. Reserve

If anyone wants to make Zach happy, gift him a bottle from Blair’s.  Blair’s makes snacks as well as hot sauces, but the sauces make the brand famous all over the globe.  The 3 A.M. is the second in a series of the “A.M.” Reserves extracts, which are named for when Blair worked in the bar business.  Any patron who wanted to stay past closing at 2 am had to eat four hot wings with Blair’s dastardly sauce, but none ever succeeded.  The 3 A.M. Reserve has a range of 900,000-1,200,000 scoville units, comparable to ghost peppers.  Blair’s mix of red savina habanero chili, cayenne chili, and special extract is recommended to use extremely sparingly – a teaspoon is more than enough to enhance a gallon of your own sauce, as per Blair.  He signs and numbers each bottle and can even personalize if you like, so hardcore chiliheads would go gaga over a gift like this.  As a collector’s item, some editions have been known to resell for BIG money, so it’s a hard choice: crack the seal and enjoy the extract, or save it and bank it?  What would you do, reader?

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