SOMA StrEat Food Park, San Francisco CA *revisited*

Beautiful weather drew us to San Francisco this evening, perfect for strolling around SOMA StrEat Food Park and visiting new trucks.  The food truck craze has made available some of the best examples of food, from comfort to ethnic.  Checking ahead on the Park’s Facebook page is a clear indicator of which trucks are present on any given day, so after seeing what was in store, we had high hopes for the food.

Lil Burma “provides healthy, gourmet street food,” as per the website, and we can’t argue.  We ordered coconut chicken noodle soup but were graciously offered the Indian style curry chicken to try; no wonder, they knew that we would be impressed!  The curry chicken was fork tender, stewed in an Indian blend of spices for a deliciously medium heat, and Zach thought it was the the tastiest he’s tried (in his limited curry experience).  It was served over rice, which in Zach’s opinion, was “the best hands down from a food truck.”  The soup was August’s favorite, being considerably milder.  Abundant flour noodles and meaty coconut chicken hunks in a buttery bean soup would be the chicken noodle soup to beat any cold.  It was not overly spiced yet zingy with sweet onions, fresh cilantro, and lime, achieving a good blend of flavors that any palate can handle.

Best Brazilian Skewer doesn’t have much of an online presence, but when you see the little cart, you will recognize it.  Simple skewer plates were filling and nutritious, with sides we imagine taste like home for Brazilians.  August erroneously thought the skewer would have had one big strip of meat, so she was surprised to see bite-size hunks of savory steak enhanced by a nice marinade; it’s always appreciated when street food is served in a manageable way, since plastic knives really wouldn’t do much for steak.  A large pile of fresh mixed greens tossed in a light oil and vinegar dressing propped up the skewer, providing a good source of crudités, so to speak.  The potato carrot salad was not heavily dressed and the vegetables were cooked to just the right point, maintaining good texture.  The rice, so unassuming, was the underdog of the plate.  It looked simple, but the flavors of garlic, onion, and black bean made it delicious like none other we’ve tried before.

Dessert in the form of a Golden Waffle was a great way to cap off the night.  These waffles aren’t typical, as they are made with Belgian pearl sugar in the true liège style.  Enjoy it plain or add toppings as we did – from drizzles to fruits, there are many combinations available.  We chose Nutella, Ghiradelli chocolate sauce, Three Twins organic vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.  Granted, when you add toppings the waffle really becomes what you make of it, but we’re sure that anything would taste just fine atop a fluffy yet crunchy waffle.

When the weather is right, everyone comes out to play, no matter what day of the week.  Similarly, the Park is open seven days a week, with standard ploys like movie night Wednesdays at mimosa brunch Sundays.  Just check Facebook ahead of time to see which trucks will be there.

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