Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches



Coolhaus started as a little ice cream truck in Los Angeles toting sandwiches inspired by architecture.  Thankfully for those outside of L.A., Coolhaus now commands a fleet of trucks posted in several states, plus it has made its way into Whole Foods.  Of all grocery chains, that would be the most suitable and aligned with Coolhaus’s philosophy, as the masterminds are committed to using all-natural, handmade, and organic ingredients and products when possible.  Like the extreme attention to quality, the flavor combinations are extremely striking.  Each creation intends to satisfy sweet and savory cravings; to reflect that sense of polarity, we picked up two sandwiches to sample, one bacon and one vegan.

"louis ba-kahn"

“louis ba-kahn”

Louis Kahn, one of the most famous architects of the 20th century, was inspired by ancient ruins.  For this little structure, the roof and floor are made of chocolate chip cookies (not ancient at all).  Soft but firm enough to hold the ice cream, these cookies would easily disappear quickly into the mouths of chocolate chip lovers of any age.  The rich and creamy ice cream, though, is what made this sing, with brown butter and candied bacon.  The bacon, more than candied, was vibrantly smoky but not overwhelmingly so.  It balanced just fine throughout the sandwich, since there was enough sweet to go around from the vanilla undertones of the ice cream and the chocolate chip cookies.

"thomas mayne-go"

“thomas mayne-go”

Considering vegans don’t consume chocolate, this is one heckuva decadent dessert alternative.  Providing this vegan option is right along the lines of Thomas Mayne and his pursuit of architecture with a focus on social agenda and urban planning – all those within the population must be considered in urban planning and development, just like all those within the population must be offered a delicious ice cream sandwich that suits their diet.  The mango sorbet was sweet, tart, and tangy like true mango, and for how creamy it was without any actual cream, the texture was excellent.  By missing the egg to help bind the cookies, there was a little bit of crumbliness, but vegans are likely accustomed to texture differences.  Moving past the texture, the taste of the molasses cookies was spiced like the holidays, which accented the mango very nicely.

Making appearances and garnering fans from the audiences of Good Morning America and Coachella, Coolhaus has a following as eclectic as its selection.  Figures, since it would seem that there is a flavor for everyone.  When you find yours, your palate will be ecstatic.

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