101 North Brewing Co. Heroine IPA

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

heroine ipa

heroine ipa

It’s only too appropriate that I had a flaming glass already waiting at home, so the label of this IPA immediately ensnared my gaze when I spotted it at BevMo!.  Run by a bunch of guys that embraces “fake it until you make it.,” 101 North Brewing Co. of Petaluma had been gaining traction since 2011.  So far of the three beers available from 101 North, the bellwether is Heroine.  Zach chuckled at the name, reminding me that recently I had a chat with my students about heroine vs. heroin, as they were confusing the two.  For the hop lovers, this might be the perfect ale to satisfy that jones (the hop jones, not the heroin one, that’s all bad).  It is brewed with hops added at different times through the process, creating a layered effect that pleases the nose and the tongue with its aroma and flavor.  The flowery hops are strong, putting this at 64 IBU with 7.2% ABV to back it up.  The super-heroine on the label evokes strength and beauty, which is what this beer balances.

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  1. Why does it have a naked woman on the label? A little respect is owed to all heroines’ and women in general not to mix nudism and alcohol,it does send a message that if women are going to appear in public scantly clad, they are asking for trouble,this reasoning has been used against them by law,so please don’t perpetuate the image,if you must,use a naked man,women drink beer too but seldom besmirch a mans reputation or personal space.

    • I’m really trying not to argue with you, Corrinne, because I understand your viewpoint. However, the heroine on the label isn’t naked. It’s skintight armor or similar, but she’s definitely not naked.

      I don’t feel I’m perpetuating an image of objectification, especially because I’m a woman and I thought the label was beautiful.

      Maybe you thought I’m male and took this as misogyny? If you would read our bio and/or previous beer posts, you’d see that I, August, the female in my relationship, pick the beers and write about them.

      In addition, for you to suggest that a naked man be on the label… then it wouldn’t be “Heroine” beer. A “heroine” is a female hero/warrior, and if anything, I was proud that a female warrior be depicted as such.

      All the same, I’m sorry if you’re offended. You can let 101 North Brewing Co. know directly through their Facebook or Twitter.

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