Athens Burger Restaurant, Dublin CA

When we opened the door to Athens Burger Restaurant on 6999 Dublin Blvd, the delicious smell of char overcame us.  Visually, it was impressive to watch the tables and booths fill up quickly.  Based on the messages received from those two senses alone, we knew that a third, taste, would be on par.  Happy crowds don’t lie.

housemade onion rings, zucchini sticks, and ranch

housemade onion rings, zucchini sticks, and ranch

Many of the menu items are made in house, such as the onion rings and zucchini sticks.  The onions used were super quality and cooked to the perfect point of doneness, so the breading was crunchy and the sweet onions remained slightly crisp.  It’s always a plus to be able to bite through an onion ring without pulling the onion out of the breading.  The zucchini sticks had a different breading than the onion rings with more of a bread crumb base.  Lightly breaded, the sweet tender centers contrasted the texture of the crunchy exterior.  Both the onion rings and the zucchini sticks were yummy, but the ranch dip really complemented them.  Housemade as well, like most of the condiments, the ranch was thick and creamy with a bright array of herb flavors, dill being the star.

chili cheese fries

chili cheese fries

Daily sandwich specials come with a choice of soup, salad, or fries, but Zach wanted to try the chili cheese fries so he upgraded his side.  While the fries were prepared from a frozen state, they were not poor quality.  The main attraction, though, passed picky Zach’s chili test because it was housemade and tasty.  No beans meant more need for meat, so the chili was very thick and hearty.  Medium spices with flavors of cumin and chili powder were balanced well, and tons of cheddar cheese made it gooey and sumptuous.

chipotle burger, doubled

chipotle burger, doubled

Zach’s daily sandwich special was the chipotle burger with cheese, bacon, and chipotle sauce.  He doubled the patty and also swapped out the regular bun with seeds for a “junior bun,” so we can attest to Athens Burger’s customer accommodation.  The bacon was crisp and smoky, and the chipotle was more tangy than spicy – don’t be afraid of this burger if heat isn’t your thing, because the chipotle taste is there without the burn.  Loads of fresh, crispy vegetables complete each mouthful.

greek burger

greek burger

August ordered a signature burger, The Greek.  This had the same fresh, crispy veggies as Zach’s burger, but with its own cheese and sauce for distinction.  To give this a Greek twist, feta cheese and a housemade Greek dressing were added.  The feta had its oh-so-familiar flavor but was mild enough not to overpower the burger.  The dressing was tangy and rich with olives and a nice vinegar.  It was flavorful but, like the feta, not so much so that the delicious char of the meat was buried.

For dependable quality that entertains multiple senses, Athens Burger ranks high.  The concept of a burger is simple, but execution is key.  The crew at Athens Burger recognizes that, and the pride is apparent in every bite.

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