Clancy’s Ice Cream Parlour, San Leandro CA

If you churn it, they will crave.  Clancy’s Ice Cream Parlour on 1234 Manor Blvd, a quaint address for an even quainter locale, has been making its own ice cream since 1990.  Even late on a Sunday night in the middle of a holiday weekend, there is a line out the door for softball-sized scoops of a myriad of flavors.

purple yam ice cream in a waffle cone

purple yam ice cream in a waffle cone

It’s always a super treat when we find something that we haven’t tried before.  The pretty lavender color of this ice cream caught August’s eye (purple is her favorite color), but the key ingredient was even more unexpected – purple yam!  There is a caramelized nuttiness to the flavor, and while clearly purple yam is not a nut, that is the best way to describe the deep flavor to someone who has not tried purple yam before.  It is darkly rich, enough so to satisfy a chocoholic’s chocolate urge, in August’s chocolate lover’s opinion.  Tiny bits of purple yam dotted the confection, giving just a hint of texture to break up the creaminess.

strawberry cheesecake in a sugar cone

strawberry cheesecake in a sugar cone

This ice cream had a richer texture than normal due to the cream cheese, and you should ask for no less from a cheesecake ice cream.  The sweet and tart ribbon of seedless strawberry preserves ran through the creamy dessert, balancing well with the medium vanilla flavor and slight tanginess from the cream cheese.

tipperary sundae

tipperary sundae

Cups, cones, and packed containers of delicious ice cream are standard, but why not go big?  Besides the traditional banana split and root beer float, there are eight sundae varieties from which to choose.  We tried the Tipperary Sundae, with two scoops of rocky road, marshmallow topping, chopped almonds, and chocolate jimmies.  The ice cream itself was sinfully chocolatey, smooth and dark.  Almonds within and sprinkled on top gave a lot to chew on, while the two marshmallows added another two textures – fluffy marshmallows in the ice cream, and creamy marshmallow topping to fill every crevasse.

Locals have got it made with this little shop in the neighborhood.  It’s the kind of place that has items that we wish were available everywhere, but then Clancy’s wouldn’t be Clancy’s anymore.  If you’re within driving range, it’s worth it to take a detour from whatever you’re doing to get a scoop when the craving strikes.

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