Stone Collaboration R&R Coconut IPA

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

coconut ipa

coconut ipa

After enjoying banana cupcakes, something that I never thought I would enjoy because bananas are my second least favorite fruit, I felt emboldened to try a beer that’s brewed and flavored with my absolute least favorite fruit, coconut.  The name Stone is on the label but not in the biggest font, for this IPA was the brainchild of Robert Masterson and Ryan Reschan (“R&R”).  They were the winners of the 2013 American Homebrewers Association homebrewing contest.  Paul Sangster and Guy Shobe from Rip Current, and Mitch Steel of Stone, have worked with Robert and Ryan to make their concoction available to the public for a very limited time.  At 7.75% ABV and 90 IBU, the hops and headiness let you know there is no mistake that this is an IPA.  I love bitterness in beer, particularly IPAs, but before sipping I was worried that the coconut would turn me off.  To be honest… I couldn’t taste any coconut.  Zach the supertaster took a sip, and confirmed that there really isn’t a coconut flavor.  He would know as a supertaster, and I definitely notice it when present because I dislike it so vehemently.  If you pick this up and you’re really looking forward to a tropical coconut experience, you will be disappointed; but if you love a good IPA, this hits the spot.

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