Three Little Pigs Sandwich

Did you try our smoked pork butt recipe?  With 3.5 lbs. for just the two of us, we’re getting creative with what to do with the leftovers.  This is pretty simple, really (tsk, it’s a sandwich!) but it’s not just any sandwich (it’s a Seasoning And Salt sandwich!).

triple pork sandwich

three little pigs sandwich

Since it’s leftovers, portion out what you need for however many sandwiches you’re making

Smoked pork butt

Sliced ham lunch meat


Sliced Colby Jack cheese

Onion hamburger buns or Hawaiian sandwich rolls

Sliced tomato

Lettuce leafs


Reheat the smoked pork butt leftovers in a skillet or saute pan over medium heat.  Cook the bacon in the oven at 350 degrees F, on a wire rack in a cookie sheet (to keep the bacon from being drowned in its own fat).  Toast the bread and spread mayonnaise on both halves.  Layer as such: sliced ham, cheese, pork butt, bacon, lettuce, tomato.

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  1. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got hold of this on G+……do you have restaurants in No.California?

    • We have the best restaurant around – our kitchen! lol

      We do dinner parties every few weeks, and more information on those is posted on our Facebook page.

      Dreams of a restaurant are in the works, but for now we offer catering and private dining; through this blog we show our recipes and reviews of restaurants, beers, and more.

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