Smoked Pork Butt

No, it’s not from the rear of the pig, but pork butt is a tasty cut from the pig’s shoulder.  Break it apart, eat it as is, make a sandwich or a wrap – with this recipe, it’s tender, delicious, and can be used however you like.  Time and very little attention is all it takes.

3 1/2 lb. cut of pork butt

1 12-oz. bottle of any light-colored beer

1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar

1 lime

2 tbs. of brown sugar

2 tbs. of kosher salt, divided

2 tbs. of Stone Pale Ale Mustard 2.0

2 tsp. of cracked black pepper

Apple wood and cherry wood chips for smoking

with mustard and spices

with mustard and spices

Rub the meat with the mustard.  Mix together the brown sugar, black pepper, and 1 tbs. of salt, and rub this mix evenly over the meat and mustard.  Wrap the meat in plastic wrap, put on a large plate or sheet pan, and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.

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Prepare the smoker with the wood chips at 200 degrees F. Make a “mop sauce” to baste the pork butt while smoking.  Combine the beer, vinegar, lime juice and leftover lime peel, and remaining 1 tbs. of salt.  Smoke the meat for 10 hours, but do not use the mop sauce during the first 2 hours.  After the first 2 hours, baste with the mop every hour.

smoky dinner 057

After 10 hours, the meat should be so tender it falls apart.

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