New Belgium Brewing Lips of Faith Pluot Ale

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

pluot ale

pluot ale

We really wanted to go out to dinner tonight and share it with you.  In fact, we drove to a place that sounded great… only to find out that the online presence had not been updated and the restaurant is no more.  Disappointed and distraught, we sought comfort food and came home, resigned to review a beer.

I’m no stranger of New Belgium Brewing, but this bottle threw me for a loop.  The label was enough to get my attention at the store, but I didn’t even realize until just now that it was made by New Belgium as part of its Lips of Faith small batch series.  With 10% ABV and a mere 5 IBU, the warmth is definitely apparent but the stone fruit flavor prevails.  Pluot, a hybrid of plum and apricot, gives this ale a summery sweetness that demands to be noticed.  New Belgium’s website has suggestions for food pairings, but I feel that the flavor is bold enough to stand on its own.  It is not a beer for everyone, just like the bitter hoppy brews are not universally appreciated, but if you like natural fruit essence beers, look this one up.

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