Stone Pale Ale Mustard 2.0

stone pale ale mustard

stone pale ale mustard

You wouldn’t know it just glancing at Stone Brewing Co.‘s home page, but there’s a line of mustards available with Stone beer for an ingredient, made in collaboration with Carlsbad Gourmet.  Apparently there was a snafu in 2010 when the beer disappeared before making its way into the mustard, hence the 2.0 designation.  The first incarnation was probably just as tasty as the second with beer, but we’ll never know.  All we do know is that Pale Ale 2.0 is a treat.  Mildly tangy in its vinegar acidity, this is not a vibrant mustard in the traditional sense.  What makes your taste buds come to attention is the chipotle that brings a medium-high heat, but with actual strong chipotle flavor to back it up.  Even for being stone ground (get it? ’cause it’s made with Stone?) it more creamy than gritty, as many stone grounds can be.  With such taste and texture, it would go really well on pretty much any sausage, a roast beef sandwich, or a 50/50 burger.



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