Kettle Brand Limited Batch Cheddar Beer Potato Chips

cheddar beer kettle chips

cheddar beer kettle chips

Kettle Brand Potato Chips has come a long way – over thirty years ago it began selling chips out of a van, and now it is the largest natural chip brand in the country.  What’s best is Kettle Brand is first potato chip maker to be verified by the Non-GMO Project.  In honor of its history, last year it launched four limited release bags of popular flavors.  We had not heard of the release nor any of the press around the celebrations in 2012, however we just found a bag of the cheddar beer variety at BevMo by chance that was still far from its expiration date.  Of all places, BevMo would be the place to find cheddar beer chips, especially when Kettle has a section on their website for pairing beer with chips.  Thick yet crispy and super crunchy, Kettle chips are known the world over for amazing texture and mouth appeal, .  Over a dozen flavors are all tempting, but cheddar beer might be one of the most creative.  The cheddar flavor is there but not strong, and the beer comes off more like a bittersweet essence mimicking hops and malt.  It’s a tasty chip that stands well on its own with no dip.

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