A Sunday in Martinez CA

Friend and reader Ryan asked us try his home-brewed beer and give an honest opinion.  We already had to be in his town for another engagement, so we made a mini event for the day.  Before getting to Ryan’s, and before it closed, we stopped by the Martinez Farmers’ Market to see what unique items we’d find.

We met Angela, owner and baker of Simply Heaven Mini Pies.  As a pastry chef by training, Zach feels very confident in endorsing these little delights.  Two different sizes (mini and mini mini) come with a variety of fruit fillings, making it easy to mix and match flavors without committing to a whole regular-size pie.  The crust was flaky and buttery, and Zach the supertaster could tell that “it’s natural and made with 100% care.”  The fruit within was exceptionally fresh and clearly in season; there was no excess of sweetness due to sugar compensating for tart, not-quite-ripe filling.  We did not get any, but we did see that sugar-free and gluten-free pies were available, as well.

bistro blends of napa valley

bistro blends of napa valley

An affable young man at the Bistro Blends tent coaxed us to try the oils and vinegars.  As we sampled through them with tiny cubes of bread, all tasted sumptuous so it was hard to narrow it down for a purchase, but we ended up taking home a bottle of blackberry balsamic vinegar.  The balsamic acidity was very well balanced by the deep berry flavor, giving the vinegar a robust edge that would be a great ingredient in a marinade, among other things.  Besides oils and vinegars, we also tried dijon honey truffle mustard.  The truffle flavor was intense but not overwhelming, with a base of a mild mustard flavor.  Besides sandwiches, we’re looking forward to using it in cole slaw or potato salad as a special additive.

achadinha cheese company's broncha

achadinha cheese company’s broncha

August popped a grape and a hunk of broncha cheese from Achadinha Cheese Company, and was sold.  Broncha is made with a blend of goat and cow milk and aged it for 2-4 months.  August liked this cheese a lot because, to her, it was kind of like Parmesan with a light blue cheese quality.  We know it has to be good shaved over a salad or paired with fruit like we tried it today, but sometime it would be fun to do a ranch tour at Achadinha to learn more about their processes and specialties.

marella honey b's

marella honey b’s

Honey produced within 50 miles of where you live and work can help sustain your immune system against plant allergies, so it was neat to find honey that’s from Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Oakley.  MarElla Honey B’s offers local honey and so much more, from beekeeping classes to swarm and colony removal.  Setting up a few hives on our hillside is something we’ve considered, since it would help our neighborhood’s vegetation as well as support the bee population that is strangely dwindling across the globe, so we’re genuinely interested in looking into the beekeeping classes.

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After strolling downtown Martinez we met Ryan at his home.  He has a garage converted with all kinds of equipment to work on clone recipes as well as crafting his own.  Today we tried his original “Black Hops Down,” an IPA that he calculates ranks at 6.5% ABV.  Being that it wasn’t bottled but from a tap, Ryan did a great job at finding the rate to trickle in external CO2 so that the light carbonation perked up the rich flavors.  The combination of hops in his brew made it taste like a roasted chocolate with a strong hop finish, dark but not dismal.  On first sniff and sip, August said that if it were available she’d buy it, while Zach who typically avoids IPAs felt that it was a hoppy beer he could actually enjoy.  Thank you, Ryan, for inviting us out to try your tasty creation!

It was a relaxed day of walking, drinking, and conversing, a nice way for August to spend her last hours before going back to school tomorrow.  Goodbye, Summer, we’ll see you again in ten months!

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