Bacon Maple Milkshake

We had originally planned to make bacon maple ice cream for last night’s Bacon Blow Out dinner party, but at at the last minute we decided to upgrade to milkshakes.  As long as you have the right equipment, this is easy but oh so tasty!

Makes 4 milkshakes (repeat as necessary to satisfy all your Bacon Blow Out guests)

5 cups of vanilla ice cream

12 oz. of whole milk

1/3 cup of chopped, cooked, and drained bacon (do this well beforehand)

1/3 cup of maple syrup

1/2 tsp. of maple extract

Whipped cream (from a can, or use our recipe found here)

Pour the milk into a blender.  Add the ice cream, maple syrup, and maple extract.  Blend until smooth.

Take the lid off the blender and stir in the bacon by hand, reserving a small amount to sprinkle on the whipped cream (maybe a pinch per milkshake).

Pour into a cup, garnish with whipped cream, and sprinkle on a few bacon pieces.  Optional: add a whole strip of bacon for visual appeal.

bacon maple milkshake

bacon maple milkshake

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