Yogurt Park, Berkeley CA

So much has changed on and around Telegraph south of the UC Berkeley campus.  Alumni, no matter what year they graduated, often return to their stomping grounds and lament the losses of what used to be, of what college was like for them.  College is a very personal experience, hence the uber strong feelings of nostalgia, but one thing that Cal students have all enjoyed for the last 35 years is Yogurt Park.

mini cup

mini cup

Despite the name, there is nothing “mini” about the flavors at Yogurt Park even when served in a mini cup.  The frozen yogurt is so creamy and rich, even though it’s low fat (and there are occasionally non-fat varieties), so a mini cup should be enough to satisfy most sweet cravings.  However, students and alumni familiar with the Freshmen 15 are likely well acquainted with the larger cup sizes.  The crafty confection creators know just how to manipulate the frozen yogurt, even in a mini cup, to pack in the toppings.  From candy crumbles to wheat germ, dozens of items provide texture and taste variance to make your treat fully customizable.



August got herself a mini cup with Ghirardelli chocolate frozen yogurt and Reese’s cup chunks, which is how she ordered at Yogurt Park almost every time as a student attending Cal.  To show you what’s available, reader, Zach went for a waffle cone with vanilla frozen yogurt and Oreo crumbles.  There are even milkshakes, but we came here for what put this place on the map.

Every day the frozen yogurt flavors cycle from over a dozen, with six on tap at all times.  There is always at least one that is sugar-free (like tonight’s English toffee) in addition to the low-fat and non-fat, so there truly is something for everyone here.  Plain or with toppings, it’s hard to go wrong with whatever you choose here.  Thirty-five years is plenty of time to establish a well-founded reputation of quality.

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