Dave’s Gourmet Super Hot Wood Set

The holidays are officially less than six months away.  For some fanatical people, that means it’s time to start shopping for gifts and stocking stuffers!  Any chilihead would go gaga over this quartet of furiously flaming sauces.  Dave’s Gourmet line has dozens of items, from the famous hot sauces to the lesser known snack foods.  We’ve seen many of the products in different stores, and frankly the selection is a bit daunting!  This gift set in a fancy-schmancy wooden crate, then, is a perfect way to treat a friend or family member to a sampling of Dave’s Gourmet without any analysis paralysis of having to make a choice.

The ghost pepper naga jolokia hot sauce is said to have “sweet fruity flavors” that sing above the heat.  The ultimate insanity hot sauce, according to the website, is hotter than the original insanity sauce, which is the only sauce that has been banned from the National Fiery Food Show.  The total insanity hot sauce was a winner at that same show.  It has an intense garlic flavor, and as a cooking ingredient, it’s recommended to use only a drop at a time.  We would recommend using a drop at a time for any of these sauces, and increase to taste as you go along.

Zach, the chilihead in our house, is brainstorming the different recipes that could be complemented by these sauces.  This set is going to stay in our kitchen cabinet to be used in future spicy cooking, and it’s joining quite the collection!  We can think of a few family members who would love to receive their own set as a gift, for a holiday or simply as a nice gesture.  Humanity could use a little more compassion these days, and it would be funny if hot sauce is what brings us together.

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