Inna Jam Pretty Spicy Fresno Chili

inna jam

inna jam

Inna Jam of Emeryville, CA is a small-batch organic jam company, using fruit exclusively from within 150 miles of the kitchen.  Strawberry, blackberry, and raspberry are standards for all jam makers, but how often do you see pluot?  Kiwi?  Jalapeño?!



The Pretty Spicy Fresno Chili jam is just what the name claims, pretty spicy.  The adventurous peanut butter and jelly sandwich eater would get a real kick out of this.  With deep chili taste and good jelly consistency, the balance of acidic-tangy-sweet is well done, so we think this would pair with a number of items.  Make a meat marinade or glaze.  Turn it into a reduction for a southwestern salad.  Kick up your stir fry.  Mix with cream cheese and scoop with crackers.  A dip would be awesome for chicken tenders, or toss your wings in it for a new flavor.  Smear it on toast with your eggs and orange juice for breakfast.  This is the kind of condiment that makes you creative, trying to figure out ways to use it.  Challenge your brain, and your taste buds.

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