Doughnut Dolly, Oakland CA



It is a lazy morning for you like it is for us?  Well, not entirely lazy.  August is about to pack up and go to a family reunion for the weekend, so we thought to go out for breakfast, something quick-easy-yummy.  Doughnut Dolly is a tiny little shop around a couple of corners off of Telegraph, serving doughnuts filled to order.

crank and fill

crank and fill

The language lover August learned something new meeting Hannah, the Doughnut Dolly herself.  “Dolly” is a British English term for a woman who performs tasks, as per Hannah, and the use of the word was particularly popular during World War I when women would bring doughnuts and coffee to the British troops.  Hannah hand cranks a dispenser to shoot fillings into the hole-less doughnuts, and the fillings change daily and with the seasons.

four to go

four to go

Today’s flavors were Mexican chocolate, coconut cream, strawberry marmalade, and “naughty cream.”  Mexican chocolate has almost become a staple flavor in many establishments, as we see it more and more.  Hannah treats it well with cinnamon but not so much that the delicate doughnut is overpowered.  The coconut cream had a medium coconut flavor with mild vanilla.  The Strawberry marmalade was made with natural fruit and had light citrus notes, and we appreciated that the strawberry wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and candy-like.  “Naughty cream” is Hannah’s crème fraîche pastry cream with vanilla bean, smooth and rich.

Enjoy these hand-held delights on a bench outside the shop, or take them on the road, but come early because she closes when she runs out.  Every first Friday of the month, though, Hannah keeps the doors open from 8 am to 8 pm as part of Oakland First Fridays, when businesses all over the city stay open late in support of the arts and the community.  It’s a great night to explore Oakland, and make your way to Doughnut Dolly not just for breakfast, but for dessert as well at the end of the day.

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  1. Those looks great for breakfast!

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