Miguel’s Fresh Jerky

miguel's fresh jerky

miguel’s fresh jerky

There are not many reasons to make the Nevadan towns of Pahrump and Beatty your travel destinations.  Rather, being that they are at the base of a mountain range, many come to Pahrump and Beatty as launching pads for dozens of outdoor activities in the area.  The high desert is host to camping, geocaching, off-roading, ghost town exploring and the like, so for those excursions that take you hours from civilization, you need to bring fuel.  Jerky is a lean source of protein that’s perfect for travel, and Miguel’s Fresh Jerky offers, well, jerky, plus nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, olives, and raw honey.

elk jerky

elk jerky

Most people have had beef jerky at one point in their lives, if not often.  Not many can claim having tried elk jerky.  Immediately we noticed the color, a red so deep it was almost black.  We chose “original” flavor, because we wanted to see how the elk compared to the beef with which our palates were familiar.  Despite being known as gamey, we felt this elk was rich and savory.  Tender meat did not find its way into the tiniest of gaps between our molars, so even the experience of eating elk jerky was a better mouthfeel than what we get from beef – no reaching for dental floss here.

Beatty is the official home of Miguel’s Fresh Jerky, where there is a shop in the southern outskirts of town.  Just outside of Pahrump is the second location, a little trailer with a canopy tent like you might find at a farmers’ market.  We turned around when we drove past the Pahrump trailer, because the number of cars parked by it told us that it was no ordinary foodstuff trailer.  We’re so happy we stopped and found this family-run, quality-driven operation, but if you’re not going to be near Beatty nor Pahrump any time soon, check out their website to order a sampling of goods.

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