Classic Candies

classicDepending on your age, you may have nostalgia for different candies.  And also depending on your age, there are many candies that you may never have heard of before.  Next time you get a craving for some sweets, look down the aisle to see if anything different might catch your eye.

It would seem like orange and yellow are indicators of how many generations a candy has been around.  The while labels are the oldest, with Valomilk from 1903 and Cherry Mash made since 1918.  The youngest of this assortment are the Mallow Cups, which have been in production since 1936; in comparison, globally popular M&Ms have been around since 1941.  Even if these candies aren’t so widely known or consumed today, each had its moment of glory sometime during the 20th century.  Zagnut, for example, got a prime product placement spot in one of the most beloved horror/comedy/fantasy movies of all time (watch the clip from Beetlejuice here).

Seriously, though, you might surprise yourself when you consider what’s old, yet new for you.  Read the descriptions to make sure you’re getting something with ingredients you already like, or be brave and experimental.  If these candies have already been around in some cases for over a century, then you know they’ve got to be good.

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