Capriotti’s, Las Vegas NV

While working in Las Vegas years ago, Zach’s cousins introduced him to Capriotti’s and it became his go-to sandwich shop.  Since the chain’s origins in the 1976, the founders had a goal to “capture the hearts of ‘real turkey lovers’,” and in that time it has grown from a family business in Delaware to a franchise represented in thirteen states.  Seeing as we are in Sin City for a lazy weekend getaway, we didn’t want to be fancy for every meal (we are still reeling from the wonderful food over last weekend in San Francisco!), so for lunch today Zach had a hankering for a simple but perfectly done sandwich, and he knew where to go.

We got our keys and prepared to fetch our car, when we thought we’d ask the Concierge which Capriotti’s is the closest – there are over twenty locations in this city alone.  Well, that was fortuitous, because the Concierge offered to call the Capriotti’s that delivers!  It seems to be a popular service because the wait time was a little long, but then again, we’re taking advantage of the convenience of not leaving our hotel, so we can deal with a little wait.

the bobbie

the bobbie

And it was well worth the wait.  Fresh roasted turkey, traditional stuffing, and cranberry sauce with a bit of mayonnaise was Thanksgiving on a roll.  There was both white and dark meat, and it was all moist and succulent.  If your family’s turkey is the stereotypical dry that gets joked about every Thanksgiving, this will show you what real, fresh, juicy turkey is like.  The herb stuffing with garlic, onions, and standard poultry seasonings of thyme and sage was simple but it complemented the sandwich very well.  Cranberry is a no-brainer for a Turkey Day sandwich, adding that tanginess that makes Thanksgiving complete.

cheese steak

cheese steak

On the same soft French roll as the Bobbie, Zach enjoyed a cheese steak sandwich.  The beef was tender and seasoned very well, but not overly greasy considering how heavy the ingredients were.  The onions were cooked perfectly, sweet and caramelized.  With a mild kick from the hot peppers and zing from the peppers’ vinegar marinade, there were many layers of savory in each bite.  White American cheese was deliciously gooey and melted all the ingredients together.

We know the pictures aren’t the most amazing, but consider that they were sped over to us in a white Nissan Sentra along with who knows how many other sandwiches en route to their hungry recipients.  We may not have been the first delivery, even, but the sandwiches were still fresh, at the right temperature, and just as Zach had remembered them to taste.  We strongly recommend that anyone coming to Las Vegas should have one of their meals at Capriotti’s since there are so many here, but you see a Capriotti’s during any of your travels, please stop in.

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