The World’s Hottest Appetizer Spread

We had a great evening hosting Can You Beat the Heat?, a private dinner party at our house for family, friends, and readers.  Multiple items with varying degrees of spiciness, but all extreme, were hot enough to put Adam Richman under the table.  Even the appetizers made us break out in a sweat and suck down our milkshakes!

five types of heat

five types of heat

In the foreground is an assortment of vegetables from the jar that has been refrigerator-pickling for almost two months.  That amount of time was enough to bleed the color out of the radishes.  These are legitimately the hottest pickled vegetables in the world, and arguably among the hottest of the items seen here.  The two nuts are Dave’s Gourmet Burning Nuts and Alien Fresh Jerky Co. Habanero Pistachios, and in the back is Alien Fresh Jerky Co. Colon Cleanser Hot Jerky.  The hot chicken wings were competition for the pickled vegetables, but the added danger was the sauce getting on our fingers, lips, and faces.  To make your own super hot sauce, it’s easy but use caution.

1 gallon of soybean or peanut oil for frying

1 lb. of all natural chicken wings

1/2 cup of your favorite hot wing sauce (Chef Zach used Bella’s all natural medium wing sauce)

1/2 cup of soy sauce

2 tbs. of Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce

1 tbs. of chili garlic sauce (like túóng ót tói viet-nam)

Combine the soy sauce and chili garlic sauce.  Use this to marinade the chicken wings for 2 hours.

In a deep fryer with the soybean or peanut oil at 360 degrees F, fry the chicken wings for 6 minutes.

Mix the Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce into the hot wing sauce, and toss the wings in the mixture, coating them evenly.  Enjoy carefully.

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