Satan’s Blood Chili Extract

enchanting bottle

enchanting bottle

Almost two years ago we got our first bottle of Satan’s Blood extract from Sauce Crafters.  Somehow it slipped through someone’s fingers (ahem), and the bottle shattered on the kitchen floor.  Because it’s an extract meant to be used very sparingly, the spicy smell was enough to burn our noses and throats.  Poor August, being the shortest one around that day so “it’s easier for her to get on the ground to clean,” wiped it up carefully so that it wouldn’t get on her skin and burn.  Yes, true story.

We finally got ourselves another bottle to replace the first one, and we are taking great care of it.  The tiny bottle is like a prop in a Halloween movie, filled with a liquid so thick, deep red, and hot, that it must be the blood of Beelzebub, as it was conceived on a Friday the 13th in October under a full moon, 13 years ago.  We’re so excited that we’ll be using it for the first time in two days at our Can You Beat the Heat? dinner party, in what Zach is calling Satan’s Blood fondue, a dessert fondue with dark chocolate plus a teensy bit of Satan’s Blood extract.  Local readers, if you want to take a shot at trying this 800,000 scoville unit extract, let us know and we’ll reserve you a seat for this Friday!

sinister label

sinister label

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