Blair’s Sudden Death Sauce

We’re hosting the Can You Beat the Heat? dinner party in two days, and Zach is trying different sauces to see how they work with his recipes planned for the night.  On the never-ending quest for the hottest of the hot, he found Blair’s.  Blair’s makes snack foods, but the hot sauces and extracts are far more well-known and popular around the globe.  Unlike the 2 A.M. Reserve extract with a range of 650,000-900,000 scoville units (two to three times stronger than a habanero chili), Sudden Death is a hot sauce for the not-so-insane heat seekers, ranking at roughly 105,000 scoville units – still hot, but not the kind that will make your tongue feel like it’s melting.  Blair’s mix of habaneros and cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, honey, garlic, lime, and ginseng is a vibrant sauce with great flavor underlying the heat; Zach plans on using it in the guacamole for the hot dinner party.  Pretty much anyone can enjoy try this sauce, too, since a kosher version is available by request.  If this hot sauce is enough to put you under the table, at least you’ll have the nifty skull keychain to serve as a record for your crazy decision.

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