Blair’s Beyond Death Sauce, Collector’s Edition

Red and orange habaneros, vinegar, cayenne, garlic, chipotle, lime, cilantro, herbs, spices, and pepper extract combine for Blair’s Beyond Death sauceBlair’s, a maker of snack foods, is far more famous for spicy extracts and sauces.  We’ve tried a few now from master heat man Blair himself, like the 2 AM Reserve and the Sudden Death.  All of these spicy additives are on their own shelf in our kitchen, waiting to be used this Friday at our Can You Beat the Heat? dinner party.  We’ll crack the Italian blue hard wax seal in two days to try the relatively mild sauce with 99,760 scoville units; this, the mildest of the products in our “Intense Heat” category, is almost 20 times hotter than Tabasco, as weird as that sounds.  If you are in the area and would like to feel the burn for yourself, drop us a line and we’ll save you a seat to see if you can beat the heat.

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