Calicraft Cali Cöast/Cölsch

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

here, it's cali cöast

here, it’s cali cöast

We’ve seen a lot from Calicraft since they are super local for us.  Now just over a year old and still working on the website, their Facebook page is alive and well with a cover photo featuring Cali Cölsch, but the bottle I found said Cali Cöast.  Must be a different incarnation of the name, since all the rest of the information is the same.  With 5.2% ABV and unknown (but I would say minimal) IBU, this is a refreshing kölsch-style ale.  Like the bottle says, it is bright and crisp like a kölsch beer, but by definition it cannot be called kölsch because that term is like champagne; it refers to a light, warm-fermented and cool-conditioned specialty beer from Cologne, Germany.  I feel that it’s so “bright,” it’s actually light, and that makes it extremely easy to sip.  The light color and light aroma match the flavor, and I noticed (and liked) a slightly mineral aftertaste.  Now that it’s my summer vacation and I just got a hammock for the backyard, this is a beer that I could relax with, Homer Simpson-style.

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