Alien Fresh Jerky Co. Habanero Pistachios

habanero pistachios

habanero pistachios

Along with some extremely spicy jerky, the last time we drove through Baker and visited the Alien Fresh Jerky shop, we also picked up habanero pistachios.  The jerky we tried first tonight, and August was happy to get that over with so that she could enjoy these delicious pistachios.

waiting to be cracked, they look like they're calling for attention

waiting to be cracked, they look like they’re calling for attention

The process to roast pistachios requires that the unopened nuts be seasoned first, then roasted, which is what pops open the shells part-way.  Therefore, the great majority of the spicy seasoning was on the inedible shells.  Some people like to suck on the shells of roasted pistachios to get the most flavor, but these were very intensely hot and we weren’t too inspired to keep the shells in our mouths for very long.  Cracked open, though, the fresh and meaty nuts inside had a hint of spice, just enough to make a classical ingredient a little zingy.  If you enjoy the flavor behind heat without too much of a burning sensation, this is a nice little mouth pleaser.

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