Mikkeller Drink in the Sun ’12

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

mikkeller drink in the sun '12

mikkeller drink in the sun ’12

So it’s a year late, this ’12 release, but after tasting it tonight I will surely seek out the upcoming ’13 edition.  Mikkeller Brewery surprises me with interesting ingredients, styles of brewing, and now, a beer with superlatively low alcohol content.  Drink in the Sun, with 1.9% ABV and unknown IBU, is a Belgian style wheat ale mild in wheat flavor and rich in hops.  It is so blasted light, but with such richness of flavors, it has a mouthfeel of a true ale.  In my experience, better flavor tends to have greater ABV but that’s a coincidence due to brewing styles (it is not a matter of liking higher ABV).  This beer proves, though, that super flavor doesn’t have to make you lightheaded in the first swig.  As the name says, it really is a perfect brew for a hot summer day, to enjoy taste without heat+alcohol complications.

(A bit about the picture: Oddly, the miniscule head disappeared almost as quickly as the bottle was poured.  Also, the bottle is only 11.2 oz and this was the best sized glass we had, so forgive us for advertising an event that’s already come and gone this year.  It was a fun one, though, and most likely you’ll see us there next year!)

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