Butter Poaching Meat

In our most recent memory we had butter poached fish from one of the chefs at Cooking For Solutions.  The concept is simple, really: boil meat in butter before grilling.  The result is reduced grilling time, enhanced flavor, and more tender meat.  Don’t worry about additional fat, because it is burned off on the grill.  Just make sure to transfer the meat immediately from the butter to the grill so that the quick sear will seal in the juices you worked hard to get.



3 6-oz. steaks takes 1 lb. of butter to be able to fully submerge, so plan accordingly

On the lowest setting possible, in a small saucepan heat the butter to 140 degrees F, no more (the purpose is not to cook the meat).  Let the meat sit in the butter for 1 hour prior to grilling.

so delicious

so delicious

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