Fresh Fruit and Herb Water

With all the flavored waters available, and all the powders and syrups to make your own flavored water, we decided to say NO to marketing, packaging, and fake ingredients.  It’s easy to browse your local farmers market to select what’s fresh and in season, and turn it into your own vitamin-packed water.  Today we found the following items to steep in ice water, and make a recipe to share with you.

first the fruit, then the ice

first the fruit, then the ice

Lots and lots of ice (to help with agitating the produce when stirring)

Lots of water

2 lemons

1 apple

6 oz. of blueberries

6 oz. of raspberries

15 lavender sprigs

2 spearmint sprigs

Slice the lemons and apple.  Add all the fruits and herbs to a carafe or jug.  To this add the ice, and then cold water to the filling point.  Stir for about a minute to bruise the produce, and it’s ready to go.  Keep refilling the water as it is consumed, and kept in the refrigerator you will have great, tasty water for up to 3 days.

fruit and herb water

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