Saffron Garlic Pistachios from Isaac Farms


When we stopped for gas and snacks at the Patterson Unical 76 on our drive to Las Vegas for Vegas Uncork’d, we were surprised and happy to find a selection of local treats from Isaac Farms of Atwater.  We picked a few of the most different and unique items, and were too busy and distracted to get to the pistachios until tonight.


In Iran, pistachios are called “smiling nuts.”  We were left smiling from the spicy (as in spiced) flavor of these quality nuts.  Saffron itself is a very, very mild spice, but the garlic added a tangy actual spiciness, more intense on the shell than the nut itself.  August usually likes to suck on shells before eating the nut, but these she just cracked open and enjoyed the morsel inside because the heat of the copious garlic was just a little much for her; you may feel differently, like Zach did.  Pistachios contain 3 grams of fiber per serving, more than many whole fruits, so this is one of the better natural and savory items to reach for when a midday craving hits you.  Sadly, Isaac Farms does not have an online store, so it would seem that the only way to get these is to be in the area.  We’ve done a bit of research and there are online vendors with their own versions of saffron garlic pistachios, but we can’t vouch for their sourcing nor their quality.  Just keep an eye out for the “Natural As Possible” label along I-5 in the Valley.

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  1. I got some of the tequila lime ones, they were great! Wish I could get these in Tennessee

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