Okra Chips from Isaac Farms

in the bag

in the bag

On our drive to Las Vegas this last weekend for Vegas Uncork’d, we stopped for gas at the Unical 76 station in Patterson and walked inside the convenience store for snacks.  We had no idea we would find a local treat!

in lovely arakawa pottery

in lovely arakawa pottery

Isaac Farms of Atwater, CA had its own section in the convenience store, and the okra chips were the most appealing because it was a product we had never seen/thought of before.  Vegetables chips is not a new concept, so why not try it with okra?  Instead of being super fibrous and a bit fuzzy like in raw form, the okra was crispy, light, and even a little sweet behind the added salt.  High in fiber, gluten free, and 10% of your daily allotment of calcium in one 1/oz. serving, this is a more health-conscious choice than your typical big-brand chip.  Sadly, Isaac Farms does not have an online store, and since many of you readers are not local, it may be hard for you to come across this tasty version.  Instead, follow this link and you can try another kind of okra chips, at least to give you an idea (and you can do some other shopping while you’re at it :)).

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