Blair’s 2 A.M. Reserve

blair's 2 am 030

Zach’s on the perpetual quest for the hottest of the hot, and research brought him to Blair’s.  Blair’s makes not just hot sauces but also snacks, yet the variety of hot sauces overshadows the snacks in fame and notoriety.  The 2 A.M. is the first in a series of the “A.M.” Reserves, extracts named for when Blair worked in the bar business.  If patrons wanted to stay past closing at 2 am, they had to consume 4 hot wings with his devilishly spicy sauce (and as the story goes, no one could stay).  The 2 A.M. Reserve has a range of 650,000-900,000 scoville units, two to three times stronger than a habanero chili.  Blair’s mix of red and orange habaneros, vinegar, fresh cayenne, smashed garlic, chipotle, lime juice, cilantro, fresh herbs and spices is an extract, not a sauce, so it is recommended by Blair that only a teaspoon is necessary to heat up a gallon of your own sauce – Zach is a rule breaker, so we’ll see what happens when he cracks this open.  Blair signs and numbers each bottle, so for the die-hard heat fan, this series of extracts makes for an excellent collector’s gift (some editions have been known to resell for as much as $12,500!).  You can buy your own bottle starting at $30 to get your hands on some intense heat, but be careful where you put your hands afterward.

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