Serendipity 3, Las Vegas NV

serendipity 3 002

Serendipity 3 is one of those iconic places, a bucket list location for restaurants to visit before kicking it.  The original is in New York, but we’re very lucky to have the West Coast spot in front of Caesar’s Palace.  It’s right on the Strip and it’s world famous for the Golden Opulence Sundae, a Guinness World Records holder, and the Frrrozen Hot Chocolates; because of the fame, be prepared for a wait, but it is well worth it.

crab cake salad

crab cake salad

“Maryland jumbo lump blue crab cake, ruby red grapefruit, avocado, corn & red onions, topped with mache & frisee salad tossed with herb vinaigrette.”  Such was the description of a delicious salad with one of the best crab cakes we have tasted.  The lumps of meat in the cake were sizable, not pureed and turned into cat food.  Its flavor was slightly buttery, and the panko breading and pan frying provided a nice crispy exterior.  The dressing for the salad was very light, so having additional flavors of tart, juicy grapefruit and roasted corn helped to give the salad more body and bring about a sweetness to balance the snappy fresh greens.

"a.b.c." burger

“a.b.c.” burger

Avocado, brie, and caramelized onions as toppings is a new take on a burger that August had to try, and she liked it a lot.  The burger itself was very well seasoned and its char was rich and savory.  Ripe avocado is always appreciated by August the Avocado Aficionado.  The brie melted over the onions creating a sweet gooeyness, that even dribbled over the edge to form its own version of a cheese skirt.  She got it with coleslaw that had the standard dressing, yet was altered flavor-wise by the addition of celery – different and unexpected, but in a good way.

the one & only las vegas strip steak sandwich

the one & only las vegas strip steak sandwich

The bread on Zach’s sandwich was made in the Caesar’s Palace bakery.  It was a buttery, garlicky, European baguette with a crunchy crust, excellent for supporting the meats and cheeses.  He requested the steak medium and it was cooked to the proper temperature, and was also very tender.  The bacon was smoky and crispy, and the eggs were superbly cooked sunny-side up with no slimy egg white and a still-runny yolk.  Two cheeses, cheddar and jack, were copious and melted, therefore quite gooey to counterbalance the other textures present.  This is definitely a carnivore’s dream sandwich, and a hearty breakfast lover’s delight!

"can't say no" sundae

“can’t say no” sundae

Serendipity 3’s humble pie is a dessert, and eating it is nothing like its idiom.  Instead of being made with offal like in medieval times, it has peanut butter and a graham cracker crust.  For the “Can’t Say No” sundae, a slice of it is served with vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, banana, peanuts, hot fudge, and whipped cream with a cherry.  August’s first words to Zach were, “Can you start researching peanut butter pie recipes when we get home?”  It was good enough that, because it was so big and we couldn’t finish it, August still wants more when we’re back in California.  The pie itself had a rich and super creamy texture with a deep peanut butter flavor and a light cream cheese aftertaste.  The ice creams were rich and true to their natural flavors.  The whipped cream was extra thick, the peanuts were roasted, and the drizzles of hot fudge and peanut butter sauce were a nice touch, visually and deliciously.

When we got to Caesar’s Palace the valet was nearly booked, but awesome Jen found a spot for our car and even recommended a French bakery on W Charleston Blvd (we will try to go tomorrow on our way out of town).  Another Jen, the hostess at Serendipity 3, secured us a table that provided us a great view of the establishment as well as pretty rose-hued lighting for our photos.  Our server John was kind, warm, and gave us a great recommendation for the crab cake salad.  He told us that he always gets that salad for himself, and he heartily approved of our dessert choice since that’s his favorite, too.  Upon leaving we thanked hostess Jen again, and she also approved of our order and said they were her favorite items – it speaks volumes when the employees can vouch for the food so enthusiastically.

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  1. Is it still iconic even though it’s not the original?

    Who am I kidding- the food sounds good, but the next time I’m in Vegas I think Lotus of Siam is in the cards. Have you all been there?

    Actually, as a New Yorker, I’m familiar with the original Serendipity. I went back in the early ’90s, enjoying sesame sticks to snack on, followed by a foot-long hot dog, and then the frozen hot chocolate. Metabolism at that young age was a swell thing…

    • We haven’t been to Lotus of Siam yet, but we’ll follow your recommendation next time we’re in town! We’re happy that our post rekindled some pleasant memories for you 🙂

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