32nd Annual Butter and Egg Days, Petaluma CA

butter and egg days 010

Butter and Egg Days, huh?  More like Excuse to Get Drunk and Eat Greasy Food Days.  We were sorely disappointed in our trip to Petaluma for the 32nd Annual Butter and Egg Days, because we thought there might actually be something with butter and/or eggs in the 24 blocks of parade routes, craft booths, kid activities, and food vendors.  We walked the entire area, along with an estimated 30,000 others, and there was very, very little we found that actually had anything to do with the title of a week’s worth of events “celebrating Petaluma’s history.”  Those few vendors we did find, we thanked profusely, and they will be the only ones we write about tonight.

stupid bridge...

stupid bridge…

But before we could even get to the 24-block area, we had to walk about a mile from the closest parking we found.  Then, right before getting to the festival, a one-man boat with a sail-less mast that could have been lowered forced hundreds of people in cars and on foot to wait for the bridge.  If the city closed off street traffic, why not close off water traffic?

mariposa michoacan style ice cream

mariposa michoacan style ice cream

Ice cream is made with eggs, which give it the smooth, custard-like texture. We met fabulous Pilar of Mariposa Ice Creamery, who shared a lot of details with us about her products.  Twenty-eight flavors have been developed, including specialties for restaurants like blackberry fennel!  Today there were about a dozen flavors of ice cream to choose from, as well as about a dozen paletas, or Mexican ice cream bars on a stick.  We tried a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of strawberry cheesecake, and we were very impressed.  The chocolate was light and not overly sweet (well, technically chocolate isn’t sweet), and the strawberry cheesecake, with real strawberries, tasted exactly like cheesecake but with ice cream texture, all the way down to the deep cream cheese flavor.  Made with natural Berkeley Farms cream, it was very rich and mouth-pleasing.  Mariposa is mobile, so look them up and have them come to some event you’re doing!  Just think, mobile Mexican ice cream could be the new trend for wedding desserts!

The only other butter and/or egg product we found was, wait for it… ice cream.  Organic Straus Family Creamery had a truck in the parade, and they also handed out samples of vanilla ice cream with real vanilla bean, just like what we got for when Zach made apple crisp, so you know that we already think it’s good.

solar cooking?

solar cooking?

Whole Foods had a tent to promote themselves, and we thank them for at least trying to stick to the name of the event by having dozens of eggs on display (not for purchase or consumption).

maybe this guy knows where the butter and eggs are

maybe this guy knows where the butter and eggs are

Totally not related to butter and/or eggs but still an important part of the community that we want to recognize because we love animals, the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue had a tent with some neat displays, like this stuffed skunk.

So much for butter and eggs.  Petaluma Downtown Association, we suggest that you take note for next year and pass on the list below to all food vendors who sign up, requiring that they provide something in the theme of butter and eggs.  And again, HUGE thanks to Mariposa and Straus for the only egg-based products.  There were lots of food vendors, don’t get us wrong, but corn dogs, kettle corn, chicken teriyaki, and crowded beer gardens were not why we came.  Here’s a list of all kinds of food made with butter and/or eggs that would have been entirely appropriate for an event like this one.

1. Spam Loco Moco

2. Croissants

3. Slider burgers with fried eggs

4. Brioche bread

5. Pickled eggs

6. Butter mochi

7. Deviled eggs

8. Deep fried butter

9. Egg salad sandwich

10. Butter cookies

11. Fried egg croquet

12. Shortbread

13. Quiche

14. Any kind of cake that requires butter (not funnel cake)

15. Spanish tortilla

16. Fried egg on pizza

17. Crème brûlée

18. Poached egg on garlic french fries

19. Bacon and egg pizza

20. Egg on grits

21. Breakfast sandwiches

22. Stir fried rice

23. Frittata

24. Grilled cheese sandwich

25. Hot buttered rum

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