Menchie’s, Tracy CA

menchie's 001

Self-serve yogurt is very popular.  It seems to have surpassed the craze of gourmet cupcakes, at least around the greater Bay Area.  Today we were in Tracy and, based on a recommendation, we came to Menchie’s.  With locations in over 10 countries and plans in development to reach 20, likely within the year, this international company is quickly gaining traction.

16 flavors on hand

16 flavors on hand

It was a miracle to get a shot of the 16 yogurt and sorbet stations without any people in it, since the place is that popular.  Sixteen flavors, though, is a mere fraction of the 160+ flavors Menchie’s has developed!  Peanut butter, for example, was the favorite for August, Zach, Will, and the gentleman who recommended the place to us; it was so true to the real, natural flavor, and the creamy texture (found in all the samples we tried) was delightful.

menchie's 007

This cute poster was super informational, breaking down the guide for different health and nutrition facts.  Some facts vary yogurt to yogurt, sorbet to sorbet, but all yogurts are rBST-free.

toppings galore

toppings galore

Most of the standard toppings you may be accustomed to are here, but we were surprised by fizzy strawberry candy, Nerds, and grasshopper chocolate mint cookies.

zach's creation

zach’s creation

Probably the most stand-out part about Menchie’s is that, at no extra cost, you can request a freshly-made waffle to cradle your concoction.  Zach and Will shared this with peanut butter yogurt, banana slices, Reece’s Pieces bits, and crumbled Oreo cookies.

If you’re craving something sweet but don’t want any guilt, make your way to this bustling shop or look up other franchise locations nearer to you.

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