The Hottest Pickled Vegetables In The World

Yesterday we featured The Source Hot Sauce as the first product in our new Intense Heat category, so before we delay too much, we wanted to test it in a recipe.  With a rating of 7.1 million Scoville units, this is an extract that must be handled with extreme care.

Makes 1 half-gallon Mason jar‘s worth of pickled vegetables

source hot sauce 006

4 cups of water

2 cups of vinegar

1 bunch of carrots

1 bunch of radishes

1 bunch of asparagus

4 habanero peppers

1 jalapeño pepper

2 Serrano peppers

4 peeled garlic cloves

3 sprigs of fresh dill weed

6 tbs. of kosher salt

1 tsp. of celery seeds

1 tsp. of coriander seeds

1 tsp. of rainbow mixed peppercorns

1 tsp. of yellow mustard seeds

1 tsp. of The Source

sterilize the canning (mason) jar

sterilize the canning (mason) jar

To clean the tongs, Mason jar and lid, even if brand new, boil in water to sterilize.  It may not completely boil, but the temperature of the water needs to reach at least 180-190 degrees F for about 15 minutes.  Refrain from touching the inside of the jar, the lid, or the cleaned part of the tongs – the whole point is to keep them sterilized – so you may want to use rubber gloves when handling.



Clean, wash, and trim any unwanted stocks off the vegetables.  Split the peppers lengthwise.  Blanch the peeled garlic cloves and asparagus (in separate pots; the asparagus requires 3 minutes while the garlic needs 4 minutes).  Use the 4 cups of water in the ingredients list specifically for blanching the garlic, as you will use this for the recipe.  Blanching the asparagus draws out unnecessary minerals and solubles so you will not want to use the asparagus water after blanching.

be very careful

be very careful

After blanching the vegetables, shock the asparagus in an ice bath to prevent further cooking and retain the bright color.  Transfer the asparagus and the garlic with the sterilized tongs to the Mason jar.  Add vinegar, salt, and The Source to the garlic blanching water and bring back to a simmer for 7-8 minutes to ensure that all of the salt is dissolved and the extract is infused into the pickling solution.

fresh veggies waiting to be pickled

fresh veggies waiting to be pickled

Along with the garlic and asparagus in the Mason jar, also add the vegetables, dill weed sprigs, seeds and spices.  Pour pickling solution over the vegetables, then cool the jar in a water bath before moving to the refrigerator.

let marinade in the fridge a few more weeks

let marinade in the fridge a few more weeks

Refrigerate at least 2-3 weeks before consuming so as to let the pickling solution do its job; it will keep for 4 months.

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