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off the grid 034

Street food vendors are not new.  If you haven’t noticed the growing food truck trend yet, then you will see it in your neighborhood soon enough.  Off the Grid helps to promote small mobile food businesses by organizing space, permits, garbage service, and live music, thereby creating a weekly marketplace of amazing eats, and a community center for families and friends.

Go Streatery, The Chairman Truck, Cheese Gone Wild, House of Siam On Wheels, Fivetenburger, and The Crème Brûlèe Cart were six of eight vendors offering different items well worth traveling for.  Many people here were nearby community members, but others, like us, clearly had driven in for this week’s batch of trucks.

The sun was out but at the worst angle at the worst time, not shining nearly enough golden light on this “glorious peasant food” from Go Streatery.  So simple, but so delightful, the oxtail was tender to the point of falling off the bone.  Rich, hearty gravy with the meat was slightly sweet with a mild and pleasant orange flavor thanks to fresh zest.  The chunks of carrot and squash were tender and slightly crisp.  August said, “I never new grits could be so creamy,” and for Zach’s first time with American polenta, he was impressed.  Chopped parsley brightened the dish for the eye as well as the palate.  Between bites of this hearty concoction we sipped lavender lemonade and August, who is typically picky about lemonade, promised herself that being infused with fresh lavender is from now on the only way she prefers her lemonade.  We were treated to a piping hot handful of zeppoles, lemon and ricotta Italian-style doughnuts dusted in powdered sugar.  These were very light in lemon flavor, and the texture was almost like a cake doughnut but even closer to being like a beignet.  Above all, everything at Go Streatery is inspired by the founder’s father, who instilled in her the pride of true cooking; to that end, everything is scratch-made, seasonal, and sustainably sourced.

coca-cola braised pork with savoy cabbage, yellow mustard seeds & kewpie mayo on baked bao; crisp miso cured tofu with garlic-tofu mayo & baby choy sum on steamed bao

coca-cola braised pork with savoy cabbage, yellow mustard seeds & kewpie mayo on baked bao; crisp miso cured tofu with garlic-tofu mayo & baby choy sum on steamed bao

Bun sandwiches are traditional Taiwanese snacks, known as gua bao.  Typically these are made with baked or steamed buns, filled with savory meats and/or vegetables.  The baked buns at The Chairman Truck are kind of like Hawaiian rolls and are cut like sliders, while steamed buns look doubled over like a clam shell.  The braised pork in a baked bao had a unique flavor but in a good way, certainly.  The tangy, crisp cabbage was hearty but also refreshing.  The tofu was velvety with an excellent grill on it, great for contrasting the very light and super tender steamed bao.  A light sesame flavor like a vinaigrette dressing was a sweet and tangy complement for the baby choy sum.

golden gate melt

golden gate melt

Cheese Gone Wild serves their grilled cheese sandwiches with chips, coleslaw and a pickle, making this summer picnic and comfort food wrapped into one.  If you’re really craving a grilled cheese sandwich, follow this food truck for a broad variety, like the Golden Gate with Tillamook medium cheddar and aged white cheddar mac & cheese, applewood thick cut smoked bacon, melted on Panorama Bakery shepherd style white bread.  The bread was crispy but not overly so, giving way to the gooey insides with rich and mild mac and smoky bacon.  Just about everything here is house-made, so while waiting for our fresh sandwich August couldn’t wait longer to sip on this perfectly creamed and sweetened iced coffee.

honey bbq chicken

honey bbq chicken

Proudly offering free range chicken from Bassian Farms and fresh organic produce, House of Siam On Wheels is very popular and had one of the longer wait times.  This chicken was moist and tender thigh meat, slightly tangy and seasoned well with pepper, garlic, cilantro, and honey.  The salad dressing was what gave this dish the familiar Thai kick of heat.  We suppose the greatest satisfaction in eating here is knowing that the products used are good quality, sustainably produced, and good for you.

loaded burger and truffled tater tots

loaded burger and truffled tater tots

Fivetenburger crafts a great beef burger like this loaded one we tried, to which we added an optional egg as well as bacon; if you’re getting something called “loaded,” you might as well go all the way.  Without dropping or substituting anything, the burgers come standard with pickles, red onion, tomato, lettuce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and choice of cheese.  The vegetables were all fresh and crispy, between the two halves of a butter-toasted bun.  This patty was juicy with a nice sear, made with very high quality beef and crispy bacon.  The egg was runny from the yolk where it was supposed to be runny, thankfully not like slime from the white. Mixed with the cheese, the egg made this a gooey, delectable sandwich.  It was accompanied by crispy tater tots, a nostalgic favorite but with a twist.  These were exceptionally crispy yet tender in the middle, then lightly tossed with truffle oil, making them the grown-up version of a childhood memory.  Fivetenburger also offers grassfed meat, high quality grilled cheeses, and even a deli-style pastrami sandwich with the pastrami made “in-truck” by the masterful Phat Matt.

Our final stop was for dessert at The Crème Brûlèe Cart, which tonight was featuring four of its thirty-plus flavors.  Vanilla bean, double chocolate, “Cham-Wow!” and “Yes Please!” were equally smooth and creamy in texture, and true to their flavor-based names.  The vanilla bean had an abundant amount of fresh vanilla bean seeds, resulting in a pleasantly intense flavor experience.  The double chocolate was light but still chocolatey enough to sate August’s craving.  Cham-Wow! was made with dark chocolate and black raspberry Chambourd liqueur, while Yes Please! had Nutella and real strawberries.  We can’t wait to find them again to see what the other flavors are like.

off the grid 078

There are many more food trucks that we realized, since we learned that the trucks we saw tonight were only a small sampling of Off the Grid’s network (and not all trucks are even affiliated with Off the Grid).  Here at the Hayward location trucks are on a two-week rotation, so you can count on seeing your favorites twice a month.  It’s impossible for us to pick favorites yet since this was only our first time doing Off the Grid, so we’ll just have to keep trying more and more.

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  1. Abram hit’s up the off the grid about once a week with his mom 🙂

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