Old Oakland Farmers’ Market

After yesterday’s lunch, we walked half a block to find the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market where, while August got her nails done, Zach went shopping for dinner groceries.  He picked up some beautiful asparagus, garlic, and apples, but by the time he started, many of the produce stands had already closed.  This did not deter him, however, and so he bought a couple of other things he wasn’t expecting to find.

patatas traditional spanish tortilla

patatas traditional spanish tortilla

Patatas Spanish Tortilla doesn’t have a webpage yet, so you’ll have to track them down on Fridays at this farmers’ market, and follow them from there.  Zach got this tapa-sized tortilla as a surprise for August to see how it compares to the authentic tortillas she is used to after having lived in Spain.  Tortillas are naturally gluten-free and typically dairy-free, but Patatas is proud to offer organic eggs in their fresh, locally made tortillas.  Great for a small lunch, as a main dish with a salad for dinner, or sliced up for finger food with a caña or a vino tinto, it’s an accurate taste of Spain.

oaktown jerk artisan beef jerky

oaktown jerk artisan beef jerky

Oaktown Jerk, “Oakland’s finest artisan beef jerky,” is definitely that.  Star anise may be the first ingredient in the title of this flavor, but the licorice-like taste was very, very mild.  This jerky was sweet on first chew but slowly developed a spicy afterbite, and locally sourced habanero pepper is to blame for the heat.  The primary ingredients, including the meat, are all locally sourced.  Eight flavors and five different packaging sizes make for great gifts that sport local pride.

Farmers’ markets are a blast.  There you can find the freshest, most sustainable ingredients and products crafted by people who care.  It would seem that there is a farmers’ market on any day of the week here in the Bay Area, and if the Old Oakland Farmers’ Market is any indication of quality and variety, we’re looking forward to finding the rest of them.

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