Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers, Oakland CA

Thirty-five years ago Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers opened its first location in Oakland, and has now grown into a family of Californian restaurants featuring preservative-free ingredients and toppings prepared in house.  If you’re in the mood for something simple and of high quality production, Barney’s offers a wide variety of burgers, including vegetarian options.

onion rings & vegetables basket, half order

onion rings & vegetables basket, half order

All fresh vegetables are cut and prepared in house.  The portobello mushroom slice, zucchini spears, and giant onion rings were hand battered, served with ranch dressing and a large handful of Parmesan sprinkled on top.  Zach loves zucchini and he thinks that, considering how thickly cut these spears were, they were cooked evenly throughout yet not overcooked.  August really liked the thick portobello, and we agreed that the batter was very nicely crispy and not at all oily.

sunshine burger with breast of chicken

sunshine burger with breast of chicken

We’re only quoting the menu in the caption; otherwise, we’d say “chicken breast.”  Moving on now.  August’s sandwich with avocado, sprouts, cheddar, and tomato on grilled whole wheat was wholesome and light with good char on the meat. The pickle slice and thousand island provided a little zing to an otherwise uncomplicated sandwich.

voodoo burger with a 1 lb big barney's patty on a baguette

voodoo burger with a 1 lb big barney’s patty on a baguette

Because Zach can’t eat seeds and the standard bun here as them, he requested his Voodoo Burger to come as a Big Barney’s Burger, meaning 1 lb. and on a baguette.  He didn’t get it this way for the size, just for the bread.  The beef used in the Northern Californian Barney’s locations is from Niman Ranch, and it came cooked medium as he had asked.  With provolone and blue cheese, bacon, and mushrooms sauteed in their “special voodoo sauce,” this is one smoky, fiery burger.  It had a little spicy afterkick but it wasn’t too much, so those afraid of heat shouldn’t worry.  The amount of cheese and bacon would satisfy any cheese or bacon lover.

From Berkeley to Los Angeles, Barney’s is making a name for itself as a champion of freshness.  You’re bound to find something here that you’ll enjoy (and the portions are big enough that your dog back at home will enjoy it, too).

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