Ale Industries This Is The Sh*t That Killed Elvis

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

ale industries 005

This will be the last picture taken in our Concord kitchen, because tomorrow we are moving further West but still in the East Bay to a nicer house in Oakland – with a better kitchen.  Zach has full intentions of hosting dinner parties now that we’ll have improved prep space as well as entertaining areas, so be on the lookout for invitations, readers!  We knocked out the last of our packing today so everything is boxed except clothes for tomorrow, necessities for the pets, and a beer.  A Concord beer at that, for our last night here.

Ale Industries is an ambitious brewery and tap room with a small but growing presence.  I got this bottle of 10% ABV/unknown IBU with zero expectations, since I had never heard of the maker before.  This Is The Shit That Killed Elvis is a one-time-only limited release from this last winter, so I’m unsure as to whether you’ll be able to find it yourself at this point in the year.  Check out Monument Wine & Spirits or call around.  Anyway, the smell does not match the taste.  Sniffing the freshly poured glass I noted nuttiness, unlike the label’s promise of “fruit and berry notes.”  It was a tiny bit sweet, that’s for sure, but almost along the lines of banana (well, this is a beer for Elvis).  The mouthfeel was bold so I can’t imagine having any food with this beer – it’s almost a meal itself.  It’s worth a taste if you’re after something unique and local, but don’t worry if you miss it, for it would seem there’s a lot more to come from Ale Industries.

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