Hurley’s, Yountville CA

We drove to Yountville for Easter today, since most of our things are packed up for moving and you can’t really cook like that, can you?  We spent most of the day in town doing lunch, visiting a bakery, walking around the shops, and finishing with dinner at Hurley’s.  Like the lunch restaurant, we had our first impression of Hurley’s at the Taste of Yountville, so we were eager to come back today to try dinner.  Throughout the year there are themed menus such as a Father’s Day barbecue and a game week in November; today there was an Easter selection of specials, from which Zach chose his entree.

roasted baby beet salad

roasted baby beet salad

Atop the salad of frisée arugula, beets, spiced pecans, orange segments, and citrus vinaigrette sat a crustini with Burrata cheese.  This salad was light and refreshing, with colors to match the zingy flavors.  The beets were exceptionally fresh, earthy, and sweet.

macaroni and cheese

macaroni and cheese

We’re not surprised to see mac and cheese, just like we did at lunch.  It would seem to be a side dish growing in popularity.  This was very creamy in flavor and texture, with more cream than cheese coming through.  The panko sprinkled all over the top added a nice texture contrast.  It’s a great value, too – this is a big enough side dish for three to four people!

rosemary and maple roasted chicken

rosemary and maple roasted chicken

August’s chicken was flavorful and comforting as it started to rain outside.  Two meaty portions were supported by a potato puree.  It was a good texture to soak up the sweet and savory glaze.  Caramelized pearl onions, roasted garlic, and English peas rounded out the meal.

easter ham special

easter ham special

Zach’s Caggiano ham was tender, smoky, and had a mild clove flavor.  In all honesty, he wanted the wild Texas boar or the buffalo short ribs, but he chose this because A) it’s Easter, and B) this ham was locally sourced.  It came with scalloped potatoes, fried shoestring onions, a pineapple honey glaze and grilled Maui pineapple spears, which were exceptionally sweet as well as tart.  Nearly hidden from view in the picture are crisp green beans and mushrooms sauteed in garlic and butter.

We already have the second week of November in our calendar for Game Week – antelope, pheasant, and boar are just a few items to be featured.  If today is any indication of the quality of ingredients used at Hurley’s, you can guarantee we’ll be back to see what they do with those kinds of meats.

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