Korean Bulgogi House, Concord CA

Today was tax day for us, so we walked around the corner from our local H&R in Todos Santos Plaza and stopped into Korean Bulgogi House for dinner.  Not family style like the last Korean place we went to, here you get huge platters for yourself.

tempura combo

tempura combo

To try a sampling of tempura items, we got the combo.  Four shrimp, four stuffed mushrooms, four stuffed jalapeños, and four pot stickers came with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. The shrimp was sweet and cooked well, and the mushrooms and jalapeños had a savory ground beef filling.  The vegetables for this and our two entrees were all super fresh.

chop chae noodles with pork

chop chae noodles with pork

August got something similar to her favorite dish from her now-closed favorite Korean restaurant.  Glass noodles are mixed with vegetables and choice of meat, plus sides of rice, salad, and pickled radish.  The noodles were cooked just right, as were the vegetables.  The pork had its own marinade and sauce, so she didn’t feel the need to add anything extra like soy sauce or sriracha.

"any two combo" with spicy chicken and bbq short rib

“any two combo” with spicy chicken and bbq short rib

Zach chose spicy chicken and BBQ short rib for his two-item combo.  Also with rice, salad, and radish, the featured meats were tender and flavorful.  The spicy chicken wasn’t too spicy; August tried a bite and liked it.  We agreed that the salad had a nice light dressing, and the pickled radishes were a thoughtful touch.

If you’re in downtown Concord and looking for a cost-effective restaurant with non-American comfort food, make your way here.  It’s very close to the free parking garage and Brendan Theaters, so it can be a great place for a lunch and matinee date.

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