Mikkeller Milk Stout

(Always drink responsibly.  Seek help when alcohol affects your life and the lives of those around you.  For readers of a legal drinking age.)

mikkeller milkstout 008

Being St Patrick’s Day, Zach got a beer today.  I had tried Mikkeller’s kopi luwak beer before and I was impressed; the name of this stout caught Zach’s attention.  The Milk Stout is similar to the stout I had picked out for today, in that it’s malty and smoky, but it’s not as deep – Zach even noted, “It’s kinda light.”  There is also a sweet, almost creamy aftertaste with a hint of coffee.  With 6% alcohol by volume and only 25 IBUs, this Belgian brew is a way to ease the light beer drinkers into something more pronounced.

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