Breakfast from Tropicana Room Service, Las Vegas NV

This weekend has been a blast, since we got to stay in an amazing room, see some great sights, and eat excellent food.  However, because of the food, this was also a work weekend for us.  We’re leaving in a couple of hours, but still had to wrap up our NASCAR coverage, so we ordered breakfast to our room at the Tropicana so as to save time while packing and writing.

two eggs free style

two eggs free style

Zach wanted something hearty to sustain him for the trek home, and this was definitely hearty but didn’t leave him with a heavy feeling.  Fresh, natural ingredients always makes a difference.  He got his two eggs over medium, which were cooked properly with no slimy white and a still-runny yolk.  Cooking the eggs slowly makes it so there is no skin and no toughness.  The dish came with breakfast potatoes (the same as what’s served at Beach Cafe), choice of bacon, sausage links, or sausage patties, toast, and butter.  He got the bacon, which was thick cut yet lean.

thick cut vanilla cinnamon french toast

thick cut vanilla cinnamon french toast

August wanted hearty and sweet, so she got one of her favorite breakfast items.  With fluffy, thick, Texas-style French toast, accompanied by fresh berries and high quality syrup, this was a wonderful way to end our Las Vegas eating experiences this weekend.

Tommy brought us our food, and was more than kind.  He’s worked at the Tropicana for 38 years, which is a testament not only to himself but to the resort.  We are overwhelmingly happy with our stay, from the room to the service, and the food to the fun.

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